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  After the unremitting efforts of many parties, the Jiangxi Province amniotic membrane Bank stem cell Engineering Technology Research Center established by Ruizi Biology has been successfully declared, and has been included in the 2017 Jiangxi Province Engineering Technology Research Center establishment plan, and the research center has been officially established through acceptance in 2020 。

  It will fill the gaps in the province, promote the research strength of Jiangxi Province in the field of amniotic stem cells, and improve the development speed and technical level of stem cell industrialization in Jiangxi Province。It can promote the development of translational medicine, regenerative medicine and precision medicine, and gradually promote the formation of a new pattern of research and industrialization in the field of amniotic stem cells in Jiangxi Province。

  Amniotic membrane is rich in subtotipotent stem cells close to embryonic stem cells, mainly amniotic epithelial stem cells and amniotic mesenchymal stem cells。Stem cells have the functions of regeneration and repair, functional reconstruction, and differentiation into more tissue cell types。 The construction of "amniotic stem cell engineering technology Research Center" to realize the full and rational utilization of amniotic membrane resources is advanced in China and the first in the province。

  In order to give full play to the role of the stem cell industry in the field of scientific research, our company plans to invest 10 million yuan in equipment and facilities and talent team construction。Including the renovation and construction of B-class stem cell research laboratory and amniotic membrane bank 680 square meters, the addition of flow cytometer, liquid nitrogen storage tank, live cell imaging workstation, inverted microscope and other instruments and equipment more than 50 sets。Implement preferential policies for talent introduction, expert appointment, foreign exchange and cooperation, excellent management and technical backbone allocation to the center, and introduce or flexibly introduce 1-2 senior title or doctor talents。


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